How to Withdraw Money from Fiverr: A Comprehensive Guide


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Fiverr is a popular online platform for freelancers that makes it easier than ever for talented individuals to monetize their skills and serve clients around the world. Whether you’re a graphic designer, writer, programmer, or any other type of freelancer, Fiverr provides a convenient platform to connect with potential clients. One of the most important aspects of freelancing on Fiverr is getting paid for your hard work. In this article, we will guide you through the process of withdrawing funds from Fiverr so that you receive your earnings safely and efficiently.

Set your payment method:
Before you can withdraw money from your Fiverr account, you need to set up a payment method. Fiverr offers a variety of options, including:

A. PayPal: A common and convenient way to receive payments.

b. Bank Transfer (Direct Deposit): Ideal for those who prefer to transfer money directly to their bank account.

C. Fiverr Earning Card: A prepaid Mastercard that can be used worldwide.

d. Payoneer: An international payment platform that allows you to receive money in multiple currencies.

Follow these steps to set your preferred payment method:

Log in to your Fiverr account.
Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select ‘Settings’.
Under the ‘Billing’ section, click ‘Withdrawal’.
Select your preferred payment method and follow the on-screen instructions to link your account.
Minimum withdrawal threshold reached:
Fiverr has a minimum withdrawal threshold that you must meet before you can request a withdrawal. As of September 2021, the deadline that I know of, the minimum withdrawal amount is $20. However, this threshold may have changed, so be sure to check Fiverr’s current terms and conditions for the latest information.

Request a recording:
Once you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount, you can submit a withdrawal request by following these steps:

Log in to your Fiverr account.
Click on your profile photo and select ‘Earnings’.
In the Available recordings section, click Record.
Select your withdrawal method and enter the required information.
View the details and confirm your withdrawal request.
Processing time:
Fiverr withdrawal processing times may vary depending on the payment method you choose. Generally, PayPal and Fiverr Revenue Card withdrawals are processed within 2 business days, while wire transfers and Payoneer can take longer, usually 3-5 business days. Please note that international bank transfers may require additional processing time.

Fees and currency conversion:
Fiverr may charge withdrawal fees depending on the payment method you choose. Additionally, if you withdraw funds in a currency other than your Fiverr account, you may be charged currency conversion fees. Be sure to check Fiverr’s fee structure and exchange rates to understand any fees associated with withdrawals.


The process of withdrawing funds from Fiverr is very simple once you set up your payment method and meet the minimum withdrawal threshold. By following the steps in this guide, you can ensure a smooth, safe recording experience that allows you to enjoy the fruits of your free labor. Remember to stay informed about Fiverr’s policies and fee structure as they may change over time, and always prioritize the security of your income. Have fun freelancing!

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