How to Send Buyer Request on Fiverr?

Sending buyer requests on Fiverr is a way to showcase your services to potential clients who post specific jobs. You can send buyer requests in the following ways:

To sign up: Go to the Fiverr website ( and log into your account with your registered email address and password.

Navigate to Buyer Requests: After logging in, go to the Fiverr homepage. On the top navigation bar you will find the “More” option. Hover over it and a drop-down menu will appear. Click Buyer Request.

Browse requests: You will be taken to the buyer requests page where you can view requests from potential customers. Browse requests to find one that matches your skills and services.

Select requests: Click on the specific buyer request you’re interested in. This will open the application details, including project description, budget, and other relevant information.

Write your proposal: Click on the “Send Quote” or “Send Quote Now” button (wording may vary). It allows you to write a proposal for the buyer’s project. Craft a personalized and professional message that meets buyers’ needs, showcasing your skills and explaining how to meet buyers’ needs.

Provide details: Be sure to include the following in your proposal:

Briefly introduce yourself and state your relevant skills and experience.

Review the buyer’s project description and explain how you can help them achieve their goals.

Outline the services you can offer, the time frame for completion, and any relevant pricing details.

Show enthusiasm and professionalism in your communication.

Additional Examples: If applicable, include examples of your previous work or a portfolio that demonstrates your skills and expertise. Visual aids can help buyers understand your options.

Submit your proposal: After you’ve written your proposal and attached the necessary documents, review your post to make sure it’s clear and compelling. If you are satisfied, click the “Submit Quote” button to send your proposal to the buyer.

Awaiting response: After a proposal is submitted, buyers review it along with other offers received. If they are interested in working with you, they will contact you through the Fiverr platform.

Next: If the buyer responds positively, continue the conversation and answer any additional questions. Communication must be timely and professional.

Remember, sending high-quality proposals that are tailored to the buyer’s needs and demonstrate your expertise can greatly increase your chances of being hired. It is important to maintain a professional and courteous tone during communication.

Fiverr’s interface and functionality may change over time, so please refer to Fiverr’s official resources or support if you need help navigating the platform.

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